Land of Lumia, proper land in the center of the Azaira continent.

A groups of traveller found a mysterious temple beneath of the cave, the temple filled with ancient prehistoric painting. The temple story about ancient battle of 5 humans nation and demons led by prime demon Drakoss with his five powerful demon Myruz, Loris, Afrain, Dethos, Voldert. Those demons are so powerful and bring more devastation to the human army, The war is so devastating until few months while humans future will depend in this war, countless soldier died, this not a good sign and human race can be wipe out soon from Azaira Continent if they lose the war. Leonis prime minister of kingdom Vutheria told the king Arthos about city of magician with legendary elder magicians whose very powerful, the magician blessed and gifted special power from the God Xenoria might help to win the war. The city of magician located at the top mountain of Odeus at the east of Vutheria, but only few can across to that mountain because many deadly creature lurking. The gate to that city guarded by mystical creature “Jolnir” and only few may pass.

King Arthos had no choice but to find that elder magician. Then King Arthos lead some his elite guard to accompany him to the city of magician.


At last King Arthos come to the city of magician


In the chamber five elder magician awaits the King Arthos. Those elder magican named Kroz, Graff, Yashix, Elenor, Lene. Each elder magician have their unique power from the God Xenoria. Kroz is the leader of all he blessed with power of pyshic and call the

they already know what is going on in the land of Azaria

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